Furaha na amani! Joy and peace!

That’s how we greet each other after church in Bukoba. I spent the last week there hanging out with the long-term missionaries and enjoying hot showers and vacationing from formal language study. I did read my Swahili Bible and learn some interesting idioms.

Kupiga kiboko puzzled me for a long time. Kiboko is the word for hippopotamus, and kupiga means to hit. Why was Jesus talking about hitting hippopotami? I didn’t think they even existed in Israel (but you learn something new every day…).

Someone explained to me that it’s an idiom for ‘to flog.’ Kiboko also means a whip made out of hide. Then we all engaged in the typical Tanzanian pastime of having a good laugh at my puzzlement.

After a week of relaxing by the beach of Lake Victoria in Bukoba, I took the bus back to Mwanza to get back to language study. My teacher had had a whole week to mature her opinion about how terrible the curriculum I’m supposed to be revising is. Looks like I have my work cut out for me.