Putting my money where my mouth is, and other cliches

This morning I was invited to submit an application to OCMC, the organization I went to Tanzania with. It’s fifteen pages of thought-provoking questions (Q: “Define the ideal missionary.” A: Someone who’s not me), and it’s due in three weeks. If they accept my application, I could be back in East Africa in a year or so.

I can’t honestly say what I want out of life at the moment. I’m a senior, after all; we’re not supposed to know what we’re doing. I do know that looking over the OCMC application makes me a lot happier and more enthusiastic than looking at grad schools, even if I do have to send fundraising letters. (In general, I’d rather spend my life as a taste-tester for a company that makes oatmeal with mushrooms and olives than send fundraising letters.)

I like East Africa and I like learning foreign languages. I like the people I worked with this summer. I like anthropology. Two years (the minimum first term for OCMC workers) is doable. After that, we’ll see.

My work might involve doing translations of the Scriptures and liturgical books into native languages. It might also involve sitting in an office somewhere more civilized and creating programs and resources for others to do this. It will surely involve spending lots of time learning language and listening to people’s thoughts and concerns.

Sounds fun to me. Here’s to the journey.