I’ve needed to be quiet a bit this semester, so I haven’t written much. I’m happy I’m not trying to be artsy and wordy all the time; I need to just relax and be with friends. So here’s some of what I do.

1. Things that have made me laugh recently


I could contribute so much from my little gems that I grade for, but I shall respect their privacy.



2. The long goodbye

It’s my last semester of Torrey. I’m happy and sad. Torrey has been a major part of my life and a mirror to my growth. I’ve already been to my last lecture, had my last Reynolds session, written my last pull question, and tried to come to terms that I will never.spend.three.hours with my original group again. My last session is this week, and then I deliver my last paper next week and have my last DonRags.

Tonight’s pull question, after we discussed love and the End in 1, 2, and 3 John, was, “How can you keep loving your group once Torrey is over?”

It’s been real, it’s been fun, Torrey. Here’s to the start of something better.

3. Africa

I love it.

My research paper on East African beliefs about witchcraft is the only paper I’ve ever written that’s come out longer than it’s needed to be. And there’s still more to write.

4. Anthropology

Love that too. Also, see “senioritis.”

5. Things that could conceivably make me cry

The generosity of friends. Going to confession. The goodness of God. Going home.

Happy tears.

6. Kindle

Library books are available via kindle now. It’s quite possibly my favorite invention since the codex and French bread.

7. Church stuff

I can’t wait to be Orthodox. And I’m incredibly grateful to all my Protestant friends and discussion partners. I’m glad of the structure of Church life and for the way it refuses to let me get neurotic about religion.

Bonus: good Advent reading